Monday, February 10, 2014

Everywhere We Look: Buried HVDC Transmission Lines within 500 miles of Concord NH

Buried HVDC Transmission Lines

within a 500 mile radius of Concord NH

       Actual (in service, under construction, or fully permitted), In Process, and Proposed
Underwater (UW) and Underground (UG)

**New England Projects with Expressed Interest in Clean Energy RFP (3/2015)


Champlain-Hudson Power Express (NY, VT).  1000 MW. 200 miles: 138 miles UG in state roads and railway ROWs; 62 miles UW. Status: all state and federal permits granted. Financing underway. Projected in-service date: 2019. Developer: Blackstone-TDI. DOE EIS:

Cross Sound Cable (NY, CT). 330 MW. 24 miles UW. Status: in service. Developer: Cross Sound Cable Co. LLC.

Hertel – New York Interconnection (Quebec, NY). 1000 MW. 58kms (40 miles) UG in highway. Developer: Hydro-Quebec. Status: Proposed, under study. Connects to Champlain-Hudson Power Express.

Hudson Project (NJ, NY). 660 MW. 7 miles: 3 miles UG in railway ROW; 4 miles UW. Developer: Anbaric. Status: in service.

Lake Erie Connector (Ontario, PA). 1000 MW bi-directional. 73 miles: UW and UG. Developer: ITC. Status: Presidential Permit application filed 5/29/2015/; in-service 2019.

**Maine Green Line (ME, MA). (Part of Green Line Infrastructure Alliance with National Grid.) 1000 MW (with expansion to 2000 MW possible). Combined wind and hydro. 300 miles: OH/ buried in railway ROWs; UW in Gulf of Maine. Developer: Anbaric. Status: ISO-NE process underway. Projected in-service 2021.

Maritime Link (NL, NS). 500 MW. UW 170km (104 miles) + OH terrestrial. Developer: Emera. Status: proposed.
Neptune Project (NJ, NY). 660 MW. 65 miles: 50 miles UW; 15 miles UG in parkway. Developer: Anbaric. Status: in service.

**New England Clean Power Link (VT). 1000 MW. 150 miles: 100 miles UW; 50 miles UG in existing state road ROWs. Developer: TDI-New England. Status: VT state permit process to conclude Dec. 2015; Draft EIS issued 6/2/2015; DEIS hearings completed 7/15-16/2015; FEIS expected 10/2015. Projected completion date: 2019. DOE EIS: VT PSB Docket #8400:
Northeast Energy Link (ME, NH, MA). 1100 MW. 230 miles UG in interstate transportation corridors. Developer: Emera/National Grid. Status: application projected for the end of 2015.

Poseidon (NJ, NY). 500 MW. 82 miles UG and UW. Developer: Anbaric. Status: PJM and NY ISO interconnections approved. NY state permitting in process. In-service date 2020.
Sea Link (NH, MA). 520 MW. 68 miles underground and underwater from Seabrook NH to Everett MA. Developer: New Hampshire Transmission Co. (NextEra Energy). Status: rejected as reliability line by ISO-New England for NH-MA Solution, 2/2015.

**Vermont Green Line (formerly Grand Isle Intertie) (NY-VT). 400 MW. Wind. UW. Developer: Anbaric. Projected in-service 2019.
West Point Project (NY). ? MW. 80-100 miles UG, UW. Status: under consideration.

Updated 7/2015