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On Northern Pass and Disclosure

Joey S Sweatt, NH & VT Broker/Realtor
ATTENTION ALL SELLERS!!!! If you have been contacted by Northern Pass in regards to your property, you are REQUIRED do disclose that to any and all potential buyers - whether you have given them permission to access your property or not. Even if this project is not currently 100% happening. THIS MUST BE DISCLOSED!!! I don't make the rules, I'm just required to make sure they are followed. Please don't kill the messenger:)


Tom Thomson, March 28, 2011

Before you decide if the Northern Pass is a good deal for our state and its citizens, think about this: during the next six or more years, if you happen to be in either the primary or secondary route or even in the “View Shed” of the proposed route, you and your Realtor now need to disclose the potential of this project should you consider selling your property. We all know what the recession has done to our real estate values; this will only drive it down further. If that’s not heart burn enough for you and your families, who in many cases have worked the land for generations, and you don’t want to sell out to this foreign company, you may not have any say. As they plan to take your land through “Eminent Domain” for the public good for those in MA, CT and beyond.


Andrew Smith, October 8, 2012

Sellers are also in a very difficult disclosure position. Both by State property disclosure requirements and by their desire to by honest and fair to potential Buyers they find that when they disclose the potential impact, Buyers stop being interested. The real estate market has already been greatly impacted by the down turn in the market, causing increased inventory and longer marketing periods. The added drag this is creating is impacting hundreds of property owners at the very worst time possible.

 Broker ad for property in Stark NH
"NOT located near proposed Northern Pass  or its view."