Friday, June 3, 2011

HB 648 Roll Call Vote in the Senate (June 2, 2011)

Compiled by an Opposition member from a political family. This is the kind of analysis that begins the Morning After and continues until the next election.

Voting NO on 648 (and thereby for the Forrester eminent domain moratorium amendment and with the Opposition):

Gallus                 (R) District 01    
Forrester             (R) District 02
Forsythe              (R) District 04
Groen                  (R) District 06
Sanborn               (R) District 07
White                  (R) District 09
Bragdon              (R) District 11
Lambert              (R) District 13
Barnes                (R) District 17
Prescott              (R) District 23

Voting YES on 648 (and thereby against the Forrester eminent domain moratorium amendment and against the Opposition):
Bradley                 (R) District 03    
Houde                   (D) District 05    
O’Dell                   (R) District 08
Kelly                      (D) District 10
Luther                    (R) District 12
Carson                   (R) District 14
Larsen                   (D) District 15
Boutin                   (R) District 16
DeBlois                 (R) District 18
Rausch                  (R) District 19
D’Allesandro         (D) District 20
Merrill                   (D) District 21
Morse                    (R) District 22
Stiles                      (R) District 24

Senate District 3 comprises: Brookfield, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Farmington, Freedom, Madison, Middleton, Milton, Moultonborough, Ossipee, Sandwich, Tamworth, Tuftonboro, Wakefield and Wolfeboro.
Senate District 5 comprises: Andover, Cornish, Croydon, Danbury, Enfield, Franklin, Grafton, Grantham, Hanover, Hill, Lebanon, Plainfield, Springfield and Wilmot.
Senate District 8 comprises: Acworth, Alstead, Charlestown, Claremont, Gilsum, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster, Marlow, New London, Newbury, Newport, Roxbury, Stoddard, Sullivan, Sunapee, Sutton, Unity, Walpole, Washington and Westmoreland.
Senate District 10 Comprises: Chesterfield, Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Hinsdale, Keene, Marlborough, Richmond, Surry, Swanzey, Troy and Winchester.
Senate District 12 comprises: Brookline, Hollis, Mason, and Wards 1, 2, 5, and 9 in the city of Nashua.
Senate District 14 comprises: Wards 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 in the city of Nashua.
Senate District 15 comprises: Concord, Hopkinton and Pembroke.
Senate District 16 comprises: Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett and Wards 1, 2 and 12 in the city of Manchester.
Senate District 18 comprises: Litchfield and Wards 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in the City of Manchester.
Senate District 19 comprises: Derry, Hampstead and Windham.
Senate District 20 comprises: Goffstown and Wards 3, 4, 10 and 11 in the City of Manchester.
Senate District 21 comprises: Dover, Durham, Epping, Lee and Rollinsford.
Senate District 22 comprises: Atkinson, Pelham, Plaistow and Salem.
Senate District 24 comprises: Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, New Castle, Newington, North Hampton, Portsmouth and Rye.