Monday, March 11, 2013

Plymouth Chamber Pans the Pass

The Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce represents the business communities in the Plymouth, Newfound, Squam, and Waterville Valley areas. 

March 7, 2013


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Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce Opposing Northern Pass

The vast majority of the members of the Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce do not support the Northern Pass Transmission Project as proposed. As such the Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce wishes to go on record opposing this project as proposed.

Our mission is to promote the greater Plymouth area as a unique place to live, work and play, recognizing its business, social and economic opportunities. We fail to see how this project assists in fulfilling this mission. To the contrary we view the proposed project as a detriment to the region for the following reasons:

·        The project will negatively impact the tourism industry upon which our region heavily depends, directly and indirectly, as it will irreparably scar the area's iconic natural beauty;
·        The project will not contribute in any meaningful way to the region's long term economic health, and will likely reduce both tourism and local property values;
·        Power for this project will be generated by a foreign utility. Local power producers and future renewable energy projects would be put at a competitive disadvantage.
·        There are no guarantees that this imported power will lower electric rates in NH.

We understand that some Chambers of Commerce in regions of NH not subject to any direct impact from this project have chosen to publicly support the project. As a Chamber representing an area where the project will have significant direct impact, an impact which we feel will be negative, we feel the need to state our opposition to the proposed plan. The Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce is a pro-business organization, but we do not feel that the Northern Pass Project as proposed will benefit central NH, its businesses, communities or citizens in an economic, financial or civic way.