Monday, June 8, 2015

Standing Room Only for Northern Pass Opposition Information Meeting (June 7, 2015, Easton NH)

Easton Town Hall, Easton NH
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An audio transcript of the first hour of the meeting, with links to supporting written materials, is available at Brian Tilton's Northern Pass page.

News reports and photos:

Robert Blechl, "Northern Pass: Opponents Encouraged to Become Intervenors" (Caledonian Record, June 9).

Darin Wipperman, "Northern Pass Opponents Meet in Easton" (Littleton Courier, June 10).

Photos posted by Representative Leon Rideout (Coos -7) are here.
A capacity audience of approximately 130 people filled the Easton Town Hall to prepare for the next phase.


(Left) Will Abbott, Forest Society: "Put on your to-do list to write public comments to the DOE in response to the Draft EIS."
(Right) Jim Dannis, REAL: "If you intervene [at the SEC], you are at the table, just like Northern Pass is at the table.”

Bob Baker, REAL: "You've been so effective that Northern Pass has had to resort to spending an inordinate amount of capital on experts and consultants to help them create and sell the idea that the people of New Hampshire support them."
Nancy Martland, STOP: "Burying high voltage direct current transmission lines in New England is a practical solution to concerns about overhead lines."
Ken Kimball, AMC: "What is at risk here is extremely important relative to what the State of New Hampshire will look like in the near future."