Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ray Burton Opposes Northern Pass

"Negatives . . . Far Outweigh the Positives"

Raymond S. Burton, Executive Councilor for District One, New Hampshire, issued a news release on December 27, 2010, opposing the Northern Pass project as proposed because the "negatives . . . far outweight the positives." Councilor Burton specifically opposes "allowing this foreign power to come right by our own local producers of hydro power, wind power, and wood to energy plants." "As a long time elected official, [he] see[s] no value in this project coming through New Hampshire as currently proposed." Burton recommends that it be built in Vermont along existing right of way. He urges interested and affected parties to continue contacting their local and state officials.

Bury the Northern Pass applauds Ray Burton for listening to (and reading) the views of all sides, for weighing the positives and negatives, for putting New Hampshire's interests first, and for taking a leadership role in this matter. These qualities have earned him the respect of New Hampshire citizens--and reelection--for 32 years.

Bury the Northern Pass is a group of concerned citizens in Grafton County; we work in coordination with our neighbors in Coos County. To join the email list, write to