Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stewartstown Warns Quebec that Efforts to Buy Land in Coos County Threaten Trade and Tourist Relationships

On May 16, 2012, the Select Board of Stewartstown NH wrote to Quebec's Premier Jean Charest with copies to the Chair of the Board of Hydro Quebec and to the President and CEO of Hydro Quebec.

The Stewartstown Selectmen told Premier Charest in no uncertain terms that it finds Northern Pass's efforts to buy up land for a transmission line through Stewartstown "reprehensible" and contrary to the town's wishes as expressed in a March 13, 2012, town meeting directive that bans any future construction of above ground high voltage transmission lines within the town's borders.

Stewartstown reminds Premier Charest that Hydro-Quebec states on its own website that its projects must be "favorably received" by host communities. Opposition to Northern Pass by host communities is patently widespread, Stewartstown continues. Why, then, is Hydro-Quebec still supporting and promoting such a project?

Is Stewartstown to conclude that the "proponents of Northern Pass, including the Province of Quebec, cannot be trusted to keep their word"?

The letter closes by reaffirming the history of good trade and tourist relationships between the town and the province and the common heritage of many Stewartstown residents and citizens of Quebec. The ill-conceived Northern Pass project is causing "serious damage" to these longstanding ties. The Selectmen call upon Charest to intervene and correct the situation.

The full text of the letter is here.