Sunday, January 22, 2012

Defend 12-a Day ~ January 24th!

Tuesday, January 24th

Senator Jeb Bradley has now proposed three amendments to HB 648 that favor big utility companies over New Hampshire families. These amendments weaken property rights.
Senators Bragdon and Forrester have proposed an amendment that defends property rights and protects property owners by closing loopholes in RSA 371:1 and conforming it to Article 12-a.
Many senators are still deciding how they will vote on HB 648. Even if you have already contacted senators, please reaffirm your support for Bragdon/Forrester. A short email with “Vote for Bragdon/Forrester” in the subject field will accomplish this.
On Tuesday, January 24th, which is the day before the Senate votes on HB 648, please contact* legislators with the following simple message:
·        Protect NH property rights;
·        Defend Article 12-a, which denies eminent domain to private developers, by:

Voting FOR the Bragdon/Forrester amendment;

Voting AGAINST Bradley’s amendments.

Add your voice to the many voices in New Hampshire that will be defending Article 12-a of the Constitution on January 24th!

*Email and phone contact information
You may copy and paste some or all of the senators’ addresses into the “to” field of your email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Phone numbers are here:
For more information on the various 648 amendments, see:

12-A  Day  ~ January 24th!