Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sign Gallery (31-40): Snodeo Weekend

The Opposition table and signs in and around Snodeo March 5-6, 2011.

31. Protest area outside Coleman State Park

32. Opposition trio in protest area on Diamond Pond Road into Snodeo

33.Sign series lining road into Snodeo

34. Linda Samson sign in protest area (her original of this sign is located on Rte 116, Easton)

35. Sign by Russ and Kathy Johnson (Columbia) temporarily located on Diamond Pond Road for Snodeo

36. Jack Savage (left), SPNHF, at Opposition table, Snodeo

37. Julie Moran, left, Mark M? (orange hat) at Opposition table, Snodeo

38. Rick Johnson, center front, at Opposition table, Snodeo

39. Roland Cotnoire, Rte. 26, Colebrook

40. Mulie Moran, Rte. 26, Colebrook