Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Northern Pass and Health Effects (3)

Conclusion of a three-part series written by Campbell McLaren, MD, FACEP. Dr. McLaren practices emergency medicine at Littleton Regional Hospital.

Parts 1 and 2 examined the association between childhood leukemia and power lines. Part 3 briefly reviews some of the regulations adopted in other states and countries to guard against harmful EMF exposure.

             International and State policies relating to EMF Regulation

World Health Organization                      
Endorses Prudent Avoidance* (2000)

American College of Physicians              
EMF levels reduced significantly 300'-500' from a transmission line.
Prohibition of power-lines near residential areas and schools                                                                                                                   

No houses within 330' of HV lines.
First country to adopt Prudent Avoidance.
No schools near power-lines.

United Kingdom                                                          
Homes to be built more than 450' from overhead power-lines, or lines are to be buried.

Prudent Avoidance. Routing of power-lines away from schools.

Regulations limiting power-lines near schools where people spend more than four hours a day.
Where feasible lines will be buried or a wide buffer-zone created in residential areas or near schools.

Boundary zone of 250' for 345 Kv lines.

Prudent Avoidance. Restriction of power-lines exceeding 115 Kv to industrial areas only.

Rhode Island &  Wisconsin                                                           
Moratorium on lines over 60 Kv.

Prudent Avoidance.

Prudent Avoidance. Denied 345 Kv line through downtown Chicago.

Prudent Avoidance.  

Prudent Avoidance.          

PRUDENT ACTION/AVOIDANCE: Whereby even without any demonstrable risk, the most achievable low-cost measure will be taken to reduce EMF exposure.